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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

let's put an end to this.

there's no point, being tormented over such a thing.

sometimes, it sucks not having anyone to turn to.
and sometimes, it's even worse when the people you trust turn their backs on you
and come up from behind, with a pretty sharp knife.


sometimes, it sucks, having to hold everything in yourself
you feel like there's a need to just break down and cry
but then again, you can't do it in front of anyone - you never wanted to
you never wanted to disappoint the people around you
you never wanted to give anyone, the reason to once again mock your life.
you never wanted to look at yourself in your mirror and start laughing again.

so true.

sometimes, it sucks, when you don't have anyone that you can truly trust.
when you, walked alone, from the beginning to the end
when you, stood up alone, time and time again whenever your legs were broken
when you, just felt like telling someone else something, but so afraid of being betrayed
when you, are still alone, all this time, keeping quiet
when you, are totally in pain

it's reality.

sometimes, it sucks, having to complain, having to feel down and upset
but still, you haven't forgotten the countless other people who're just like you
but still, you still have responsibilities, hindering your greatest escape ever.
but still, there's nothing out there left to believe in.

it's how it always will be.

and it's how it will end.

it's a never-ending, never-changing cycle.

emo? no. there's no reason to be emo, nor to call it emo.

it's just life.

so let's put an end to the suffering that you had.
an end to the whining
an end to the tears
an end to the rage
an end to the things that kept pushing you off

or perhaps, an end to the source of all the problems - the air, that i breathe


Saturday, July 5, 2008

the folks (wei qing, calvin, keith, louis) came over to DotA overnight. wtf man, because of keith's friend we had to wait 45 minutes so he could join our game, but in the end he didn't -.- otherwise we could have had a 3 v 3 game with ivy. sorry ivy =/

alright. that was 1a.m. this dusk.


the night before. we binged and pigged out at Mos Burger. i had 10 butterfly prawns, a chilli dog. and a large fries. holy hell it was so damn filling that i 'fill that i sinned my stomach'. pun intended xD


louis and keith are total pigs. MOS CHICKEN AFTER ALL THE STUFF YOU TWO ATE?! ZOMGGG!


look at all that phat in the chicken man.... sick! @.@

oh yeah. here're some pics from calv's birthday celebration on the 29th of june. 18 bro! more booze for the win!!!

from the left to right! : zhining, jaslyn, louis, carol & harold, keith(obviously drunk and high) and last but not least joel (back from america to serve NS and seemingly in a total daze)

seems like keith had a lil too much LOL
from the left to right: keith, joel, calv's bro darren, hong ping and our happy man's girl, jia xin =P

oh, last but not least, BIRTHDAY BOY HIMSELF!

happy 18th birthday dude (:



Friday, July 4, 2008

Sometimes, we make pacts. trades. exchanges.

one gift for another
one companionship for another
one capability for another

and the list goes on...

but, has anyone ever come across a trade?

one life, for the sake of another.

What would you do, in the face of such a question.
Would you exchange your existence for someone to keep on living?

then come the even bigger questions
who is this person? why should i care? how are we related? what about my own damn life?

none of these questions, occurred. not once.
why so? i don't know.
when i asked myself this question. i came across an idea.
if by putting myself down for the sake of one person, wouldn't that create a chain reaction?
if that person keeps on living, who knows how many other people would be able to do the same too!

just because of this one person.

so, now, does it matter who this person is to you? or does it matter more what this person means to others around you?

sure, you can say, what happens if i matter more to the people around me?

i'm just 17. how many people do i really know? haha
and how many of these people actually need my presence or help?
none, zilch.

so i made a pact. a trade
my life. for someone else's
sweet, short, simple.

this person has lived twice my life. i will gladly make this pact
to set me peace
and at the same time plead for this person's safety.



Saturday, June 28, 2008

boring day. stuck nearly 90% of the time at home. didn't exactly sleep last night too. fricken stayed awake till dusk dawn and daylight.

played DotA and Marvel Tower Defense with keith and louis in the afternoon. -.- keith, you sarx0rz. xD just kidding.

went to the kopitiam near block 163, which was just across plaza, to have dinner with wei qing and hong ping.

at first we ordered a $10 sambal bbq stingray, sambal kang kong and sotong (both of which i didnt really worry about the price). the stingray was like, damn nice la. so much chilli and so much flesh compared to those sold in other places. i was so hungry i ordered a 2nd plate. hong ping had no money left and stole the stingray from me and qing for i dont know how many times. even though lardo would say it was the last piece, he still continued. greedy bastard. LOL

but.. once i reached home. ijust thought of something.


nvm. i swear on my stomach that i will return to that place and take pictures for you guys so if ya feel like it you can go down there and try the food!

alright, that's pretty much all for tonight folks.



Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weather was so nice today... the clouds were so clear and the sun was out!

so..... i decided to go down to the path along the dairy farm near bukit timah road to run

stupid flat feet caused me legs to start aching after 5 laps (say around 1km+ ?)
and i've got blisters :( now i cant run for the next 2 or 3 days


what a pity, the weather was so good!

today's chinese paper? lawlz. a total flunk i suppose. i anyhow do my essays and anyhow do the compre. BECAUSE I DONT FRICKEN UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ASKING!!!! zomg, my chinese cham liao la @.@ nvm... it's only 3 more months before i can forget about this stupid subject. muahahaha! endure jonus, endure a lil bit more! =D

a tiring day. i want my sleep.... signing off now!


P/S: sorry peeps, pics of food will be comin' up soon. VERY VERY soon... so keep your eyes open!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

you were born to be able to make a choice.
stop pushing the responsibility to someone else.
stop giving yourself an excuse to stray away from responsibilities
stop taking the things you have for granted.

there are people who have worked hard or possibly even beyond their own limits
just to give you the ability to choose.
so stop pushing the blame to someone or something else so you can escape from your responsibilities in life.

do that, and you will give people the wrong idea and impression.

time to wake up, don't you think?


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

how do we know how much we need to eat daily? well.... first, you need to know your Basal Metabolism Rate (BMR).

it basically means the number of calories your body would burn in a day if you never participate in any activities, staying awake for 16 hours and sleeping for 8. your body needs energy to perform essential functions, and 60-70% of your daily caloric output is drawn for these functions

There's a formula for the men, and one for the ladies. here goes.

For the guys
67 + (13.728*weight in kg) + (508*height in metres) - (6.9*age) = BMR

For the ladies
661 + (9.636*weight in kg) + (175.2*height in metres) - (4.7*age) = BMR

ok. so you know your BMR now. good. so lets add on another factor that affects your metabolism.

ACTIVITY LEVEL!!!! this is where we seperate the crazy ones and the lazy piggies.

Activity multipliers.
Light, everyday activities - 1.3
Moderate (2 to 3 exercise sessions a week) - 1.4
Active (4 to 5) - 1.6
Extremely active (6 to 7?! HOLY SHI-) - 1.8

personally, i'm between moderate to active, so....

67 + (13.728*66.0) + (508*1.675) - (6.9*16.5) = 1710.1

adding the multiplier....

1710.1*1.5 = 2565.1calories burnt daily.

this means that i can only consume this much in calories if i want to maintain my weight. anymore would only be stored as PHAT. yes people, so be very careful of the stuff you eat.

want to lose weight? here's a few lil things that i will leave behind

1 kg of fat is essentially equals to nearly 7700 calories.

so that means... if i want to lose 4kgs, i have to burn away 7700*4 = 30800 calories (yeah, that's hell'lot)

however, let's not be crazy and do it all in one day, in fact, let's do it 0.5kg a week.

calories to lose per week = 3850
calories to lose per day = 3850/7 = 550

this means that if i wish to lose 0.5kg a week, i have to consume 550 calories less than the amount i burn a day.

in conclusion, the ideal amount that i would consume to lose 0.5kg a week constantly would be
2565.1 - 550 = 2010.1 calories a day. <- THIS APPLIES ONLY IF I MAINTAIN MY ACTIVITY LEVEL

the key to losing weight, is not to starve. if you consume less than 1000 calories (less than 2 basic meals) a day, your body will starve and it will automatically attack your lean muscle, which is the main source of your calorie intake. you don't want that to happen now do you? so... CONTROL THE AMOUNT YOU EAT INSTEAD OF GOING ON A DIET PEOPLE!!!



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